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The Board of Public Works was established on October 4, 1905.  The Board of Public Works provides water, wastewater, electric and natural gas service throughout the incorporated area of Bamberg and beyond.  The Board of Public Works serves approximately 2,000 customers with one or more utilities.

About Us
The Board of Public Works is the utility entity of the Bamberg municipal government, separate from the City of Bamberg and governed by a three person commission.  The primary mission of the Board of Public Works is to provide customers with reliable water, wastewater, electric and natural gas utilities at reasonable and competitive rates.

The Board of Public Works strives to be an integral part in the development of the City of Bamberg as a whole.  Through leadership and vision, the Board of Public Works seeks to work with the Bamberg community to develop an industrial and economic base to provide greater opportunities for the citizens of Bamberg and the surrounding area.

Board of Public Works Commissioners
Matt Medlin: Chairman
Buzzy Bunch: Commissioner
Craig Walker:

Mission Statement

The Board of Public Works recognizes its legislated responsibility to provide electric, water, wastewater and natural gas services to its individual and business customers in Bamberg and surrounding area.

We believe that our customers should reasonably expect to enjoy uninterruped service with a minimum of down time.

We recognize our responsibility to adhere to all state and federal laws, rules and regulations.  Further, all operations of the Board of Public Works are prefaced upon safety of our customers, our employees and the environment alike.

We believe in being accountable to our customers, who are our shareholders as well as rate payers.

As a public utility, we are committed to providing the highest quality, efficient service that we can provide in a professional and cost effective manner.


The Board of Public Works holds memberships in the following organizations:

yellblt.gif (1802 bytes)American Public Works Association
yellblt.gif (1802 bytes)Municipal Association of South Carolina
yellblt.gif (1802 bytes)South Carolina Association of Municipal Power Systems
yellblt.gif (1802 bytes)South Carolina Commissions of Public Works
yellblt.gif (1802 bytes)South Carolina Rural Water Association
yellblt.gif (1802 bytes)Southeastern Gas Association
yellblt.gif (1802 bytes)American Public Power Association
South Carolina Association of Counties
American Water Works Association
Water Environment Association of South Carolina
Water Environment Federation
Bamberg County Chamber of Commerce

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