City of Bamberg

The City of Bamberg welcomes you to our new website and extends an open invitation to visit our city. If your family is looking for a safer, more wholesome way of life, Bamberg's high-achieving schools, safe streets, our city parks and recreation programs, and neighborly atmosphere could be just what you're searching for. If your company or industry is looking to expand, the City of Bamberg has designated industrial sites complete with the infrastructure, amenities, available workforce, and financial incentives to insure an efficient and cost-effective start-up and on-going operation. If you are a retiree looking for a quiet friendly place, then Bamberg is your kind of town. With garden and music clubs, and many outdoor recreational opportunities, you can retire as much or as little as you like.

Bamberg, situated in the northern part of Bamberg County, is in the southern region of South Carolina, known as the Coastal Plains. For many years the incorporated area of the city of Bamberg was in the form of a circle with a 3-4 mile radius from a center point at the old Southern passenger station. Through the years the configuration of the town limits have changed but a marker signifying the old center of town is visible just off of the intersection of Hwy. 301 and Hwy. 78.

About Bamberg

Conveniently located at the intersection of U.S. Highways 301, 601, and 78, Bamberg is but an easy hour or so from Charleston and Columbia (SC) or Augusta (GA). The Bamberg County Airport with its 3600' runway is located just a few miles outside the Bamberg city limits and accommodates private and corporate aircraft. Amtrak passenger rail service is also available seven miles away in the City of Denmark.

Bamberg is a truly wholesome place where you can safely raise your family, a quiet place where you can enjoy your retirement years, a vibrant place where you can successfully start a small business, and a place with a pro-industry perspective that gladly accommodates and warmly welcomes new employers to our area. And, most of all, Bamberg is a city with a true sense of community where we strive to work together as neighbors for the common good of all our citizens.